Change policies and cancellation of reservations

Cancellations made 15 days or less before the arrival date will incur a 100% non-refundable payment.

Cancellations 15 days or more have the option between full credit to the hotel up to 12 months or Refund of deposit with a 10% reservation charge

Once booking is confirmed, your card will be charged a security deposit to secure your room

Check-In (3PM-7PM)  

Late check-in, you need to make an arraignment with the front desk prior to your arrival.

Check-Out (12PM)

Later check-out(2pm the latest, additional night will be charged after 3pm), $20 will applied per hour of your extended stay due to overtime for the cleaning staff. 

For reservations made on the day of the stay, no changes or cancellations will be applied, so the “No Show” charge will be applied, corresponding to the charge for one night plus taxes for each room to the credit card with that the reservation was guaranteed (hereinafter, the “No Show” charge)

Regardless of the reserved nights, if the change or cancellation is not made in the aforementioned time and manner, or in case of not presenting the Guest on the date of entry, the charge of “No Show” will be made.

All reservations must be guaranteed by credit card in the name of the Guest or deposit for an amount equal to the total amount to be paid for the stay. Reservation is not guaranteed without payment.

The Hotel will pre-check with the issuing bank of the credit card. If this pre-verification is not approved, the reservation will be considered as Not Guaranteed and the Hotel will not be obliged to respect the stay of the same.

The credit card provided at the time of booking will only serve as a guarantee for the reservation, so when the guest’s check-in is done, the guest must provide the corresponding payment method. In credit or debit card payments, the cardholder must present their bank card and official photo ID.

In case of not making the payment at the moment of the guest’s check in or that does not comply with what is established in the previous point, it will be interpreted as a lack of presentation of the guest and will result in the charge for “No Show” in the same terms of the next point.

For stays of more than one night, if the guest does not show up at the Hotel on the date and time established for the check in, the “No Show” there is NO REFUND and will charge to the credit card with which the reservation was guaranteed. 


Only Credit Card guarantee, deposits in bank account and / or coupon will be requested.

In the event that the guarantee is granted by cash deposit, this will take effect on the business day following that in which the deposit is reflected in the Hotel’s bank account. In the case of deposits by check, the guarantee will take effect on the business day following that in which the check was actually collected and credited to the Hotel’s bank account.

In the case of offers, discounts or coupons, may be indicated by the Hotel that it is a “Non-refundable” operation. In that case, the cancellation policies will not be applicable.

There is an extra charge of $20 additional person (3rd person and thereafter over 12 years).

The maximum capacity of people will depend on the type of room booked.                                         

Pool Policy

Mango Moon Villa offers a pool with no lifeguard on duty.

The Pool is only open to residents and authorized guests.

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Pool Hours are from9am to 9pm.

No Glass, loud music are allowed.

No pets are allowed.

No running or jumping is allowed.

No diving is allowed.

Pet Policy

Mango Moon Villa is a pet friendly hotel.

Pet charges:  $20 per Night.

Due to the size of our hotel, we only allow small breed dogs.

Pets must be on a leash at all times in public areas.

We will apply additional charge for any damage.

By booking a reservation with us, you are agreeing with all of our hotel policies and respect the rules and terms for a more pleasant experience.

Special Reservations & Guest Service Fee

Special reservations are reservations that were made outside of our contracted OTAs that are directly integrated with our booking system( Expedia, Booking, Airbnb, Direct website)  

Any reservations made under other than systemically integrated OTAs and our website direct ex) Groups and private reservation arrangements, will be charged additional Guest Service Fees. The current rate of GSF per person is $45  The rate can change on hotel’s discretion without any notice.  Please check our policy page on our website for most updated rate information prior to making any reservation.